The DRONTEX conference featuring an international panel

The conference programme was elaborated with the objective of including presentations and speeches of experts from several international institutions and companies. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency – EASA, is the reference European institution that develops the legal framework and the regulations for both manned and unmanned air traffic, and is responsible for the safe management of airspace for drones and civil aviation, a task which, among others, will contribute to the development of the drone economy and services. Today, we can confirm that a speech by Maria Algar Ruiz, EASA Drone Programme Manager, and a presentation of her EASA colleague Vladimír Foltín will be available to the participants to the DRONTEX conference.

The next international guest is Koen de Vos, who will remotely address the participants through video link, with the current hot topics on the agenda of Global UTM Association (GUTMA). The main goal of this worldwide consortium of institutions and companies that deal with drones and their operations, is to bring solutions for a safe, standardized, and efficient integration of drones into the airspace. The next international guest, György Blazsovszky from HungaroControl, is also connected to this subject, and will, in his presentation introduce the solution for drone management in Hungary.

The increasing number of drones in the airspace requires an increase of the safety standards for unmanned air traffic. Taking that into account brings up the necessity for drones to be identifiable in real time. Rafał Słoń, from the Polish company Aerobits, will talk about how Direct Remote ID using external modules works. Lukáš Brchl, from the Czech company Dronetag, will then build on that presentation by talking about Network Remote ID.

Another guest from the neighbouring Czech Republic is Ondřej Vaněk, from the company City-Air-Mobility, who prepared a presentation about Urban Air Mobility in which he will focus on take-off and landing modules. Milan Rollo from the Czech company AgentFly is involved in several international research projects, which he will subsequently present as well.

Martin Saska co-founded the scientific group Multi-Robotic Systems at Czech Technical University in Prague. His team can currently count on more than 40 students and experts working on several research projects, from the firefighting drones to the swarming of autonomous drones that can perform a number of operations. This project will be introduced by Martin Saska and his colleague Ján Bednář. The complete programme of the DRONTEX conference is at your disposal HERE.